Threat reports

IB Consultancy can help you to get a clear picture of the threat

In the view of IB Consultancy any assessment of the risk of CBRNe incidents first and foremost requires a systematic and integral approach that takes all factors involved into account. IB Consultancy has developed a concept for a validated assessment of your CBRNe defence system.

The IB Consultancy solution consists of two parts. The first part is the IB Consultancy Risk Assessment Methodology. This has been successfully applied for the European Defence Agency and the European Commission DG Home Affairs, offering a helicopter view of the actual risk of terrorism and including both quantitative and qualitative analyses and results.

The second part of our concept is the IB Consultancy Functionality Methodology for the vulnerability assessment of built infrastructure. It is based on the presupposition that the attacker and the defender both need to fulfil a number of generic functions. The defender aims to prevent an attack or to minimise its impact, whereas the often highly motivated attacker needs to develop a CBRNe capability, transport the weapon and use it effectively. Placing the focus on the functions involved instead of lists and questionnaires enables IB Consultancy to give a true and reliable assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of your countermeasures, providing added value and an accurate benchmark for your facility.

Our consultants are experts in their fields and have many years of experience, allowing IB Consultancy to support you in all issues related to terrorism and CBRNe, including:

  • Scenario development based on open source intelligence.
  • Threat or risk assessments for your built infrastructure, other assets or events.
  • Vulnerability assessments and countermeasures to improve your resilience.
  • Training scenarios and exercises tailored to your situation.
  • Dry run testing of the quality and resilience of your emergency plans (IBC PlanScan).
  • Smart and cost-effective acquisition of safety and security equipment (IBC CBRNe Procurement)