Focus Groups &
Focus Teams

To better serve our clients, IBC has developed Focus Groups and Focus Teams to help you gain inside knowledge of your product(s), a key to making it number one in the field! We can offer you an unparalleled network of industry experts from the US, EU, Asia, South America, and the Middle East through our Focus Groups and Focus Teams.   

Curious about what CBRNe professionals think about the practicality of your product(s) in the field of CBRNe and EOD? Or perhaps you want to make your product number one in the competitive security marketplace but you don’t have the time or the means to conduct in-depth market research. IBC Focus Groups are an excellent way to gather in-depth information about CBRNe and EOD community’s thoughts and opinions on your product(s).    


             What’s so unique about the IBC Focus Group Project?  

Get direct, unparalleled access to our network of experts in the field of CBRNe and EOD, civil and military!   

Our Focus Groups are also moderated by an expert in the field of CBRNe and EOD!   

Gain insight into your product’s usability/practicality through real-life scenarios! 

Our Focus Groups are totally customizable – you choose the approach – we deliver!